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Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

Especially designed for industrial application, our Commercial Reverse Osmosis System is extensively in demand. Our Reverse Osmosis System is ideal for removing contaminants from water, thus making it fit for drinking.

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Boiler Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

RO system is now applying for boiler feed water. Because those boiler need pure and hardness free water .It is much better than a water softener. Reverse Osmosis system reduces not only the hardness but also total dissolved salts. It is easy to operate and maintain. So-Safe Provides the specially designed Reverse Osmosis System for boiler feed


Deionizer Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

Ideal for manufacturing Industries like food products, chemicals, medicines, etc. Where requirement of very Low TDS water, the RO System with De-Ionizer that we offer brings in a huge appreciation from the customers. The Reverse Osmosis system followed by Mixed Bed column of Ca-Ion and An-Ion resins. very useful for factories, production house,


Dialysis Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

Demanded for Hospitals, Nursing Homes for use of purified water for dialysis machine, those  RO Systems offered by us are very durable and low maintenance cost. designed in low space. plants are successfully running in different hospitals and nursing home.


Packaged Drinking Water Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

Specially designed for Packaged drinking water projects. The treatment scheme as per the ISI standard for Packaged Drinking water. Compact Design for less space. Available in fully auto and Semi auto operation. Plants are running different packaged drinking water Projects.


Pool Filtration Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

Demanded for swimming pools, Pool filtration are generally by Sand and Water softening filters. but so-safe has  recommended RO Systems for pool filtration . RO System offered by us are acclaimed for their optimum quality. The RO for swimming pool requires low maintenance and work efficiently to save the humans from harmful effects of


SS Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

Clients can avail from us SS RO System that is widely demanded in different parts of the country. The SS RO System offered by us has no alternative available in the market for its design and performance. when it comes to high reliability. Available in any capacity or as per customer requirement.

Available Designs are


SS Super Deluxe Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

The SS Super Deluxe offered by us is of compact size. The SS Super Deluxe is developed using advanced technology as well as high grade material. Available in  any capacity or as per customer requirement.

Available Designs : 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 , 4000, 5000 and 6000 Liter Per hour and