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Water Softener

We are offering a wide range of Water Softener Systems of 100 Liter Per Hour to any capacity with FRP , MS and Stainless Steel quality vessels, which is an Ion Exchange Device that facilitates in eradicating the hardness present in water produced by calcium & magnesium ions. These ions can then be substituted by ions with non-hardness properties. Our range of Water Softeners consists of a wide range of micro-porous Ion Exchange Resin, which helps to attack the present calcium & magnesium ions, so that the hardness of the water can be removed. Moreover, our range is operated by manual multi-port valves of reasonable cost.


Easy to install, the range offered by us can be widely used for domestic, commercial and industry purposes. These types of Iron Filters make water free and safe from all the suspended iron contents that can cause harm to the body. The range
requires low maintenance, and is demanded by various offices, hotels, flats and industries.


  • Available In :  100 lph to 100000 lph
  • FRP & MS quality vessels (Ion Exchange Device that removes hardness of water)
  • Operated through manual multi-port valves

Attributes :

  • High efficiency
  • Removes all the hardness of the water
  • Free from all kinds of additives and chemicals
  • Longer service life
  • Compact design